My Free Coffee

The caffeinated app that rewards your opinions.
Because your ideas and actions have value, Freecoffee offers the coffee!

What is FreeCoffee?

FreeCoffee is a friendly and user-friendly app that offers you coffee! The principle is very simple: give your opinion on a product, a preference, or a consumption experience in less than a minute. As a thank you for your participation, we offer you a delicious coffee...


Our coffee is more than just a beverage, it's a commitment to organic farming. Our beans are grown on environmentally friendly plantations, without pesticides or chemicals.

Fair Trade

We are deeply committed to our values, which is why we offer coffee that comes from fair trade. It is grown by certified producers and marketed according to Fairtrade / Max Havelaar label standards.


Our exceptional coffee is the result of a rigorous selection process, favoring high-quality beans from the best sources. Then, with passion, we roast these carefully chosen coffees in France, creating an unmatched flavor for your culinary delight.

How does it work?

Dedicate just one minute a day to share your opinion and decide how to enjoy our caffeinated app!

Step 1

Unlock your daily bean every day

Step 2

Respond spontaneously to your survey in less than 2 minutes

Step 3

Finalize your participation and collect your bean

Step 4

Decide how you want to use it

A bean every day

Unlock your daily bean every day

a 2min survey

Respond spontaneously to your survey in less than 2 minutes

Get your bean

Finalize your participation and collect your bean

Use your bean

Decide how you want to use it

Our Commitments

At Freecoffee, we are fully committed to providing an exceptional experience to our users.

A Free App

This is excellent news for coffee enthusiasts! The Freecoffee app is completely free. You have no fees to download, install, or use all of its features.

Fun Surveys

Our primary goal is to entertain you while staying connected to your interests! We are passionate about coffee, but also about the idea of offering you a rewarding and playful experience.

Respecting GDPR Standards

Strict compliance with personal data protection legislation is at the core of our commitment at Freecoffee. As such, we do not sell or disclose any user data.

Download Our App

Freecoffee, will soon be available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Do you like to give your opinion?
Adopt the coffee minute!

You can pick up your coffee to go at our "point café", which are local stores equipped with coffee machines that we supply with coffee. These "point café"operate in a similar way to places where you pick up your parcels.

With us, you can keep any unconsumed coffees in your balance. With this balance, you have the option to purchase coffee from our online store and deduct the value of your balance from the total price. You can also gift coffees to your loved ones using this balance.

By participating in surveys and indicating multiple interests, you increase your chances of receiving coffee offers in exchange for your participation. Referring friends is also an excellent way to earn additional rewards. By inviting your friends to join the app, you can earn free coffees in return.