Freecoffee, the creator of caffeinated connections

Founded in 2023, Freecoffee is a bold and innovative company that celebrates the authenticity of interactions between brands and consumers. We believe that behind every piece of data and every number are real people with their emotions and unique opinion

Our mission is to create friendly and warm moments by offering a cup of coffee, bringing brands and consumers together around fundamental human values: recognition, exchange, and sharing. We aim to revive the tradition of saying, 'May I offer you a coffee?'

How did we make it happen?

To fulfill the promise of a free coffee, we relied on our creativity to:

We developed a fun, intuitive, and user-friendly application where simply responding to a survey in one minute will allow you to enjoy a complimentary coffee

We've crafted a range of 100% Arabica coffees, sourced from organic farming, grown ethically and responsibly, and roasted in France for unparalleled pleasure.

We've envisioned machines and automatic dispensers to make the promise of complimentary coffee accessible to all our users and adapt to their consumption habits.

We've established an online store that allows you to order coffee for home delivery using your credit. Of course, we haven't forgotten our users who don't consume coffee to go...

At Freecoffee, we remain true to our values.

At Freecoffee, we passionately uphold two core values that are at the heart of our mission:

Sharing: We believe in the power of sharing and human connections. Offering a coffee is more than just a beverage; it's an invitation to warmth and exchange. By bringing brands and consumers together with a complimentary coffee, we foster moments of sharing and conviviality.

Recognition: We value each person who participates in our surveys and shares their opinions. Every response matters and deserves recognition. By offering coffee in return, we express our gratitude to our users and enhance their sense of being heard and valued.

These values of sharing and recognition are at the core of our approach. We are committed to creating a positive, warm, and engaging experience for all our users.

Our Ambitions for 2024

In 2024, at Freecoffee, we have grand ambitions that drive us to go even further in our mission of bringing brands and consumers together with a complimentary coffee.

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