The caffeinated insights solution

With Freecoffee, polling a group of consumers about an opinion, preference, or customer experience is now simple and accessible to everyone.

Our goal is to make surveys and consumer feedback easy and enjoyable through an innovative, engaging, and rewarding concept.

Whether you're a research institute, brand, retailer, advertising agency, consulting firm, SME, or micro-enterprise, you can create fun and visual opinion polls in just a few minutes on

Join us in this unique experience !

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Explore the keys to a
great cup of coffee

With our concept of opinion polls and our caffeinated rewards system, we offer a unique opportunity to engage with your consumers while strengthening brand preference.

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Collect highly-qualified insights

With Freecoffee, easily place your consumers at the center of your insights by gathering their opinions, preferences, and consumption experiences.

Engage your audience in a fun and interactive way for valuable insights.

Picto Vous communiquez entre amis

Get authentic

By using the promise of a free coffee to kickstart a conversation, you position yourself as a friend.

What better way to initiate a dialogue and capture the attention of your consumers?

Take advantage of this friendly and engaging approach to create authentic interactions!

Picto Vous récompensez leur participation

Boost your brand recognition

Freecoffee provides you with the opportunity to thank the consumers who participate in your surveys. Between the one who offers and the one who never does, who will become the favorite?

Use our engaging concept to
enhance your brand recognition and build special relationships with your customers!

Have fun
engaging games!


Instead of seeking a lifelong partner, our approach aims to assess the compatibility of your consumers with your products.


The competition is on to determine the preference of your target group! Who is the favorite? Only one will remain, and may the best one win!

Determining your target groups

At Freecoffee, we're really friendly, and we truly know our users! With our platform, you can precisely target the group of consumers to whom you want to offer a coffee.

Create your caffeinated surveys!

Launch your surveys with ease and unleash your creativity! At Freecoffee, our platform allows you to design custom-made questionnaires tailored to your needs. Take control of your investigations effortlessly and responsively, offering a unique experience to your audience.

Step 1

Select the game that suits your survey

Step 2

Choose your target group or import your own data

Step 3

Schedule the survey launch date

Step 4

Set your budget and the number of respondents

Posez les bonnes questions

Quick, accurate, and easy-to-analyze responses

We are committed to being responsive because coffee is best served hot! As soon as the survey is completed, we deliver the results:

  • View the participation rate and overall survey results
  • Get clear and analytical results for each question
  • Discover the number of users who love your company
  • Access the list of users who want to be contacted again

Shall we have a coffee?
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Any French company, whether it's a brand, startup, SME, or a large corporation, can use the Freecoffee survey service to question a panel of consumers and gather their opinions, preferences, or consumption experiences.

You can access the Freecoffee platform for free to create your surveys with no commitment. Enjoy the basic features to question your participants and offer coffee as a thank-you. Then, if you wish, you also have the option to subscribe to our subscription plan to access advanced features and offer even more coffee.

No need to. You can create your campaign directly on our platform without the need to provide your content in advance. Our user-friendly interface allows you to easily design your surveys using our engaging templates and customize the questions according to your needs. It's simple and fast!